What has worked best for verbal stimming

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What has worked best for verbal stimming

Postby dhruv1981 » Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:48 pm

Hi All,

Although we were able to control some of other forms of stimming like spinning without much effort ,Verbal stimming , especially repetitive non functional speech is something which has become a major blocker for my daughter of 3.7. Sometimes it appears uncontrollable.

Please let me know any specific medication , tips & tricks , therapy method that works well in this case.

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Re: What has worked best for verbal stimming

Postby FatherOf2 » Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:39 pm

My son had a lot of verbal stimming, talking to himself, repeating something he heard on TV over and over. It lasted from about 3.5-4yo until 7yo. One day we just realized that he is no longer verbally stims. It happened around the time we started Trileptal for his abnormal EEG. At the same time we gave anti-allergy meds like Claritin and Singulair. But I think Trileptal was the one. Stims in general are a sign of overly excited neurons due to high glutamate, which in turn can be caused by brain inflamation or other reasons. You need to reduce excitation by shifting the neurotransmitter balance from glutamate to GABA. Anti-inflammatories is one way to go, anti-zeizure meds is another way to go, especially if EEG is abnormal like in my son. Trileptal reduced excitation by blocking sodium channels. My son now has mostly visual stims. Yet another approach is to increase GABA, or receptor sensitivity to GABA, which should address the sensory issues. This is my next target. You may also need to look into allergies, gut health, etc

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