figuring out triggers/intolerances

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figuring out triggers/intolerances

Postby EmilyV » Sat May 06, 2017 8:14 pm

How do you figure out different triggers? :idea:
So many different opinions also on how long it takes to see improvement once the trigger is eliminated. One GI doctor specializing in Autism told it to wait 2-3 months, another GI doc also specializing in Autism told 1 month, a DAN doc told 1-2 weeks, Feingold program advices to eliminate triggers for 6-8 weeks. All of them agree a reaction to trigger is confirmed if you reintroduce and it happens again. I can anticipate that behavioral symptoms might improve first, and then eye contact, interaction, speech probably later on. We did allergy testing which was all negative for what we think are triggers.
What is your experience and advice?

Also I want to share an interesting observation: my son is 26 mo, with ASD, verbal, usually walks on toes a little every day. However when we went for 1 week of vacation he has not walked on toes once any single day, and I was so excited. But when we came back he started walking on toes immediately and continues doing it a little every day like before, but maybe even worse. I am trying to analyze what has changed: in the vacation hotel they had carpeting and we have wooden floors, on vacation we only gave bottled water, at home we give filtered tap water, also our regular diapers Huggies just had an "improvement" - a wetness indication strip - and he started wearing these the day we came back, and then restarted toe walking. We also didn't use any dishwashing liquid for his milk containers on vacation and use one every day at home.
Other than that he has been ok, we have seen definite improvement in behavior since started GFCF diet 2 months ago (tantrums have gone down substantially), ezcema dramatically better, maybe better eye contact and ability to interact, see improvement in speech (not sure if this is natural progress as he never had a delay in speech).
Please advice what it could be that's causing him to toe walk again, and how to figure this out. :?

Thank you!!!

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