Dental Procedure - Is any anesthesia safe?

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Dental Procedure - Is any anesthesia safe?

Postby Applesaucer » Wed May 10, 2017 4:09 pm

A year and half ago my ds had a cavity filled easily with no sedation; kept his mouth open for a good 15 mins. Now at 6y, he raged in anger when given the local anesthesia; wouldn't sit down. Could anyone share experiences if they've had any problems with general anesthesia used on little ones at the dentist's ? What anesthesia was used?

I've been reading these articles (below) and everything seems to come with a risk. I don't feel very confident that dentists listen to parents about choices for anesthesia. Out current dentist washed his hands off ds's case. He got me to sign a letter stating I refused recommended treatment, (typically Nitrous Oxide), because I hinted that we are not inclined to use general anesthesia.

Looking for any recommendations for dentists in the SF Bay area who are aware of the underlying physiological impact of anesthesia, and offer safe options for kids with special needs.


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Re: Dental Procedure - Is any anesthesia safe?

Postby amndzon » Thu May 11, 2017 8:05 pm

For my daughter it isn't so much the Nitrous Oxide so much as the epinephrine that is added to the novocaine. I have to remind the dentist each time not to add the epi and it has given us much better results. You may want to explore this option first as it is a fairly easy protocol.

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