Toddler only drinks Milk

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Toddler only drinks Milk

Postby Mom786 » Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:18 pm

Hello. My son is 2 years old and has Autism. He doesn'eat ANYTHING. He is only surviving drinking milk or pediasure. Sometimes he takes a bite or two from our meal. so I know he can chew and swallow. I was wondering, if there is any mom out there who has experienced the same problem?

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Re: Toddler only drinks Milk

Postby williams_dad » Sat Jun 17, 2017 11:22 pm

just floating some ideas
* have you tried yoghurt, even making your own
* what about milk shakes - you can sneak quite a bit in into chocolate milkshakes for example
* have you tried other milks like sheep, goats or even camel
* any semi solid foods like mashed rice or potato


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Re: Toddler only drinks Milk

Postby miraclev25 » Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:30 am

Try to introduce semi mashed vegetables/finger foods with mayonnaise or some white sauce (home made) it gives the same white color and yummier to start with.
And try reducing the milk/eliminate milk if casein intolerant.
homemade coconut milk/almond with little organic stevia may also help.

Try to understand whether which taste does the child like the sweet,light sour,salty an then plan your meal.
Am sure the first few days are going to be tougher, but then they settle slowly.

Good luck


amanda NC
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Re: Toddler only drinks Milk

Postby amanda NC » Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:56 pm

Yes. My son was like that. He is now 20. YOU NEED TO GET HIM TO EAT FOOD. I am saying that because for years I brushed it off--milk was the "perfect food", he ate just a little of other things, but really I understand now that milk was his nutritional mainstay.

What I understand today is that the milk was an addiction. He was probably after the opiates in the milk, and possibly the glutamate as well. The most important thing is that he was NOT getting any vitamins to speak of, and missing most of the mineralsl.

A friend, when my son was about 4 1/2, gave me a book called, "Is This Your Child?" by Doris Rapp, which featured on shows like "Donahue" at the time. She talked at length about various allergies to foods and chemicals, and what they could do to the cognitive development/expression of kids. My son fit the profile of a milk allergy kid. I stopped the milk, and we made incredible gains in just a couple of days! It was hard--he screamed and screamed for it, but I know now he was probably going through true withdrawal. But after that first day or two, he sat and "read" a book, colored for the first time on his own, and even tried to sound out some words. It seemed a miracle! His autism was not cured, but it put us on the road to looking at the right things.

The one thing I did try back then was a nutritional supplement called "Reliv". He made amazing gains over a couple of weeks, noticing things and reacting to things for the first time in ways he never had before. He began to turn when the phone rang (he had never acknowledged that kind of thing before, as if he had not heard it.) I remember he dropped the lid to the toothpaste, and actually bent down to pick it up! That was just unheard of! But--I had begun reading about the gf/cf/sf diet, and the supplement had soy in it, so we dropped it. I feel it may have been the worst mistake I made in our many years of dealing with this. Reliv was not magic; it was simply a high-potency, comprehensive nutritional shake that was covering all of his nutritional bases. I feel he was literally starving to death, and I did not know it. And neither did the doctors.

Things like the Pediasure will really help. We use a shake by Nature's Way called "Alive!" that has higher doses of the nutrients that are difficult to absorb. The doses of the various nutrients are modeled after research done by Ruth Flinn Harrell, who gave children with severe learning disabilities high doses of vitamins and minerals, and made astounding gains with them. Read about her here: ... 1-p021.pdf

The Alive! shake has the same amounts of things she used in her research. If I were you, I would give that a try. They have many flavors. You can even mix it with the milk--It might stabilize your son enough that he will begin being hungry for other things.

My son was not able to eat foods. It was horrible. It took hours sometimes to get the food into him. A severe zinc deficiency will do this--severely deficient people will sometimes just die rather than eat; food tastes horrible to them. Also, so much calcium not balanced by magnesium is a huge problem. Carolyn Dean has a great book about magnesium, and has written many articles as well. You might read it since your son undoubtedly has this issue--many things can be fixed by balancing the magnesium. We use Natural Calm here.

Also, I was very pro milk because we have huge osteoporosis in my family, and I was raised to think that calcium deficiency was the issue. So my parents always really pushed milk on us, as did probably most parents of my generation. Milk is important, but the calcium must be kept in solution or it will cause problems--and this is accomplished by keeping adequate magnesium, K2 and boron in the diet. Not by taking out all the calcium, which is a macronutrient that is important to health.

Anyway, you need to get nutrients in!! A shake is a good place to start. The Alive shake is available at Swanson and at Vitamin Shoppe. Buy a shaker with that wire mixer ball in it--it will blend the shake well with no lumps. otherwise it lumps up in the liquid. Liquid first, then powder, then shake it. In the beginning, I would have to give my son spoons of it chased by something else, and it might take me much of the day to get the full serving in. But it really, really helped.

Looking back, I think it is possible that lack of certain nutrients set him up for all the other problems we had. A malnourished child has very low immunity, their digestive tract breaks down, they are sick all the time, they have no energy, and their neurotransmitter system is not firing correctly--and so they cannot think. My son did not sleep. He didn't sleep through the night until he was 2 1/2 years old. He had terrible reflux. The doctors were just no help. It was so horrible. Yes, ALL of these things can be caused by plain old malnutrition.

Does your son have a big head? It could be caused by a lack of thiamine (vitamin B1). If he only drinks milk, he may have this issue--no thiamine in milk. My son did, and the doctors did not know the cause. You can google "Israel formula and thiamine". Years ago a baby formula in Israel accidentally left the B1 out of their formulation. Many children got this swelling of the brain and died before they discovered the cause. Ours was not that severe, but it was an issue.

Good luck! You may find that many of the symptoms go away when you get good nutrition in place.
Amanda, mom of 3

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