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Postby Redbeach » Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:27 pm

I'm wondering if anyone can help with suggestions, ideas etc.

I have a 6 year old son diagnosed with ASD. He has a really difficult time with regulating his emotions. He is always falling apart, crying and upset at minor things. He has zero tolerance for frustration and really has a hard time coping. If he cant do something perfectly the first time he starts to cry and get angry. Things seem to be getting worse and I just cant figure it out. He's always had difficulty with regulating his emotions but the past 6 months have gotten much worse and it doesn't seem to be improving. We did move to a new state 6months ago so I initially thought this was what was going on but it seems to be more than that. It also seems to be worse when it should be starting to get better. He's anxiety is also really high and he's started to tell on himself for minor little mistakes he's made etc. He is also taking Pure Encapsulation Adrenal but it hasn't seemed to help.
He has had some tests done....
Stool test - Imbalanced Flora - 1+Alpha Hemolytic strep, 3+ Beta strep group B. No disbyotic flora. (Could this be retaliated to PANDAS at all?)
OAT - high Arabinose, Carboxycitric, Hippuric, Glyceric, Oxalic, Succinic,Citric,3-Methylglutaric, Quinolinic/5-HIAA Ratio, 3-Hydrpxybutyric, Suberic, 2-Hydroxyhippuric (test is from 2 years ago)
pyroluria - slightly elevated (treated with zinc and B6 over past year)
Food allergy bloodwork - many sensitivities but taken out of diet for 2 years
GF/DF for 2 years
routine bloodwork (recent low Carnitine and high Ferritin)
We've done different elimination diets etc. and he has a pretty clean organic diet - for the most part.
I recently realized that he has trouble with Leucine and have changed all of his supplements that contain this and also made changes to his diet. I'm thinking there may be some minor mitochondria issues going on too and Ive been adding in some supports to see if this helps (B1,B2,B3, CoQ10, L Carnitine). He also takes CBD oil 3x day.
He takes Adrenal (pure encapsulation)
Super Nu thera for multi
Opti Zinc
I'm trying to learn as much as i can but its all very confusing. People here seem to know so much I thought this may be a great place to find ideas. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would really appreciate it ;))) :D

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