New to seizure - fatherof2, help! Anyone!

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New to seizure - fatherof2, help! Anyone!

Postby photoben » Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:23 am

My son had his first seizure in June. He had high fever at the same time. That was when he was hospitalised and an EEG and MRI were done. The EEG returned abnormal. We were disheartened. It showed spikes all over the place. So, the doctor concluded that it was not a febrile seizure. She refused to give him any treatment despite the spikes unless another seizure event took place.

Yesterday, he got another seizure event. It happened the same way. An abrupt high fever that came from no where, he was so tired that he wanted to sleep and then it happened. We will bring him to a doctor soon. But not the one we went as she wasn't very helpful. we are still in the midst of looking for a neurologist. Meanwhile, we want to learn more so we know what kind of treatment to try. We are contemplating on using natural herbs too. Does seizure or the spikes cause brain damage?

Also, I read somewhere that said the brain would get used to the epileptic activity, so, the spikes needed to be treated immediately. What does that mean?

Fatherof02, I know you have tried those herbs too. What made you switch to medication? A doctor once told me that seizure medication cause brain damage. Is it true?

How to consider what medication to use? Is it based on the pattern of he spikes, the type of seizure or something?

We are devastated with his condition and desperate to help him as we have to stop its relapse.

Please help us up. Any information will be helpful. Thanks!

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Re: New to seizure - fatherof2, help! Anyone!

Postby FatherOf2 » Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:11 pm

Don't worry. Spikes don't cause brain damage. Some seizures do, but I forgot which ones. It is best to treat seizures immediately. I am surprised that the first neurologist refused to treat abnormal spiking given that fact that the child had a seizure. I tried supplements and herbs first, but they were not effective. If you want to do something while you wait for the next appointment with a new neurologist, then give Taurine 500mg before bed and Bacopa 300mg in the morning. For Taurine any brand will work. For Bacopa I use Doctor's Best Synapsa. These two will not make big improvements in EEG, but will not harm either.
Anti-seizure meds don't damage the brain. May be the old ones did, but the new ones don't. Just stay away from Valproic acid (Depakote). I have read many studies of anti-seizure meds and their effect on brain and cognition. I would not give anything else but Trileptal or Lamictal, which have the least side effects. Trileptal is neutral on cognition, and Lamictal is shown to improve cognition in some studies. Levetiracetam (Keppra) could be good too, but not advised for kids with behaviors like my son (causes "Keppra rage"). Read this article, table 2:
Most medications have broad spectrum and are interchangeable. By the way, Jenny McCarthy in her book says that things started improving with her autistic son, who had intermittent seizures and abnormal EEG, when she put him on Lamictal per Dr. Kartzinel after trying several other meds that had "zombie" or "rage" side effects. In your son case, it appears seizures are caused by some immune response (fever possibly followed by inflammation and seizure). You need to treat that too.

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