2 Questions on IVIG

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2 Questions on IVIG

Postby ArvadaMom » Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:34 am

Both of these I have found different opinions on, and am currently looking for studies, but would like the "word on the street" opinion as well - I'm basically hopeful some people will weigh in on each of these:

1) What is the "window" of time that IVIG can be effective? Meaning, if a child developed the "issue" at age 1, would IVIG be effective 6 months later? At age 2? Is there a slope down or is there more of a set window? I know many feel there is some period of time to this but can't find much on what that window is.

2) How much of IVIG improvements are temporary vs. lasting? Again, lots of different opinions and studies on this. To make it more clean, let's assume the child does not have a deficient immune system, but has other clear markers for an auto-immune issue based on blood work. I have read the Yale study from last year, but also read the criticisms in its approach and would like to get more perspective.

Again, I appreciate any and all opinions, links, experiences or thoughts.

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