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new blood test result plz help

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 7:23 am
by i-jerry
Hello, I received latest blood test results for my son (he will turn to 6 on next week). The reports still show he has high in copper, low mg, blood ph 6.5 ( last test was 6.6).

His CBC rest shows

MCV 92.3 ( ref range 75-87)
MCH 31.5 (24-30)
RDW 16.6 (11.5-15)
Eosinophils 1.2% 0.13 (0.3-0.8)
Bicarbonate 20 (22-29)
GAMMA GT 9 (10-71) but this one when i google online it's shows boy 6-12 should be 7-24, is it correct?
Albumin / Globulin ratio 2.53 (0.9-2)

find A polyoxyethylene ester 3, 3 ng/ml blood Gene Metallothionein 16q13 2
This POE always found in his test, i use organic toxic free in kitchen and bathroom for all of us. He only eats organic coconut bits as snack that only has 2% sea salt and 98% coconut. I really don't know why my son has POE in his blood and also doesn't get out :x

Blood metallothionein studies
Elisa assay results ( serum) less than 50 ug/l (ref range 84 to 360)
comments: only copper was detected on this very low level of serum metallothionein

He had 30mg zine per day, and his DNA-associated Zinc is 70 ng/ml ( ref 21-74). I don't unserstand why he has enough zinc in DNA but doesn't help on his blood MT.

From above test result I think he still has high copper, low magnesium and metallothioneim.
Does anyone could tell me more about the results?

Thanks in advanced, Jerry