MB12 Die-off

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MB12 Die-off

Postby aboyfrompluto » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:07 pm

Could anyone share experience with MB12 die-offs?
We are down 3 shots of MB12. So far the biggest change was the explosion of energy, especially in the evenings. Today (the morning after the shot) I noticed some spots on my sons tights. It looks like a die-off. There were 2 big bowel movements, one very smelly. Also lots of stimming - countless counting, singing ABCs song all day long. Having said that- he has been very cheerful and happy, no aggression.

To be honest, I wasn't aware there might be one after giving the shots.

What do I do?
Should I increase GSE for Candida?
What about the bacteria? Should I add Biocidin back?
Any mopping up suggestion with Activated charcoal or Chlorella?
What about that energy level in the evening? Doesn't it put him in some kind of aggreviation? Maybe some Adrenal Support? He is so calm in the mornings and then explodes in the evenings.

He is on 2 probiotics: Culturelle in the morning and Custom Probiotics in the evening.

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