Chelation/ supplementation while not on GFCF

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Chelation/ supplementation while not on GFCF

Postby guadath79 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:29 pm

Hello everybody. I follow this forum but this is the first time I post.
My son has moderate autism. He’s almost 4 years old and non-verbal.
We’ve been on the GFCF diet for almost a year and a half and to be honest we haven’t seen any dramatic improvement. We have seen through the course of a year and a half some improvement in receptive language, eye contact, awareness and interaction, but I think those could be attributed to the therapies he receives, and not to the diet.
We did all the intestinal part of the protocol (yeast, parasites, virus, probiotics). He also had a hair test for heavy metals and he tested very high on many , and last week he had an oligoscan test and he also tested high in metals and deficient in many minerals.
While I do believe the diet helped some in improving his intestinal health (he now has solid BMs), it hasn’t had any effect on his behavior. He is very hyperactive and he’s been on Risperidal for almost 3 weeks. Everything as per the recommendation of his many physicians,
We are considering a diet challenge to see if we are wasting time with the diet. But we do want to pursue the heavy metals portion of the DAN protocol. We are seeing his DAN doctor this week but I would like to hear about some experiences from other parents.
So my question is: has anyone of you followed the mineral supplementation part and/ or chelation process with their kids NOT being on the GFCF diet? And also, has anyone done this with their kid on risperidone?
I just want to hear what other parents have to say, and then what our doctor has to say to make a more informed decision.
Thanks in advance!

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