methyl B12 reaction

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methyl B12 reaction

Postby EmilyV » Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:44 pm

Dear all,
My son started M-B12 2.5 wks ago. Also 3.5 wks ago we removed from his SCD diet squash, which turns out was likely a major allergen (now his rash is much better since we stopped it). We are doing preservative-free Lee Silsby's shots.

question #1. toe walking. After starting B12 he is toe walking, was not really doing it before. Also interestingly, when he started SCD diet, he toe walked in the beginning of it, then got better with his core ASD Sx, and toe walking stopped. Do you know what causes toe walking, could it be a sign of detox in this context, or does it mean he is not tolerating MB12?

question #2. Which form of B12 shots are best for him? There is no consensus among the 2 providers we saw which form of B12 to give. These are his results of Yasko's test.
++ MTHFR/A1298C, CBS/C699T, VDR/Taq1, MAOA
+- SHMT/C1420T, AHCY/1, AHCY/2, AHCY/19, MTRR/A66G, MTRR/K350A, BHMT/2, BHMT/4, COMT/V158M, COMT/H62H, VDR/Fok1

According to her table, only 3 out of 9 groups of combination of COMTV158 and VDR/Taq1 can tolerate MB12 better, and he is one of them, but recommendation is "all three forms of B12 with less methyl B12 based on Yasko's test. However one of our practitioners thinks methylB12 is usually better to start with, as we have more research with its effectiveness.

question #3. While his verbal skills probably improved since the start of Mb12 (he restarted using "I" in his sentences, more complex sentences maybe, some new words), his episodes of "being in the zone" when he is hyperfocused on something and not responding much to name, or when he frowns, are not necessarily more frequent, but more intense. What could this be due to? Is the dose too much, or he is not tolerating it, or it's excepted with detox?

Thank you very much.

mom of 2.9 yo boy with diagnosis of ASD, mild secondary mitochondrial dysfunction, on SCD for 4 months

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