How did you choose your DAN doctor?

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Postby Guest » Sun Dec 25, 2005 10:08 pm

I did not criticize Dr. Buttar, but did question the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology. Perhaps it is just a coincidence that this sounds so similar to the ABMS's sub-specialty American Board of Medical Toxicology

I agree that no amount of certificates on the wall substitute for good judgement and experience. But I have to say, I had no idea that there was more than one "toxicology" board and how different their requirements are. Could have fooled me on the credentials, that's for sure.
I was aware of some types of post-grad medical training for which no additional certificates/boards are provided (I hope DAN! will become a boarded specialty eventually), but I didn't know that there were more boards out there than the ABMS administers.
Well...interesting thread, thanks Winnie and Rick for the clarifications.
Alex's mom

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Postby MCA » Sun Dec 25, 2005 10:42 pm

I was headed to one DAN doc via parent recommendation and geography... then all of the sudden heard of another one closer by whose testing protocol was supposedly looked over and approved by the 1st doctor. That's how we chose her.

Be careful. There is the prospect for getting taken advantage of... not all DAN's are created equal, I have heard of some practitioners claiming to be part of DAN but that was not actually what they followed. Or, they went to a single class years ago and now claim to be DAN affiliated. Be sure you get recommendations. Some DAN's end up like family members, from what I hear. I am still in the "trust but verify" stage with who we saw. :wink: It helped a lot to be educated (from this board) on the DAN protocol before I went in.

Good luck!

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Postby rlneub » Mon Dec 26, 2005 12:44 am


You response to my question was well thought out and consise. I appreciate that. The response did not put anyone down and did open my eyes as to some of your concerns, so again thank you for the polite response.

Just to let you know, the majority of DAN! MDs have a board certification in one of the ABMS boards, Jim does not.

I am back on the fence again as to your motive as that was not really answered. I do find your questions a bit challenging, but as long as civil and not attacks, I will try to field them to the best of my knowlege. Hopefully this exchange has not caused hard feelings between us, although I do believe we are not at a stage that either of us quite trusts the other. Hopefully we can one day reach such a point.

Rick Neubrander

Kenny V

Postby Kenny V » Mon Dec 26, 2005 12:57 am

I agree that no amount of certificates on the wall substitute for good judgement and experience.

I like that, and will say I don’t care what letters are after ANY professionals have after their name.
That doesn’t mean didly squat.
With all due respect I DO HAVE that for them, but in all the years of schooling, and all the years of practice they may have if they do not have common sense nor listen to the parents nor treat each individual as a patient NOT a protocol.
And the big one admits they know it all.
Then that is NOT the doctor I would want to see.

I guess that why I dont really have a doc right now. Oops well im workin on it but Rick never returned my e-mail since before thanksgiving…. Lol…… “Hint” “ Hint”

As far as respect goes, we should check credentials, references, and learn to ask questions of anyone treating our children. We would not think this disrespectful if we were hiring an employee of any sort. These are service providers who make a living treating our children. They are just people...not the Pope...and this is treatment...not a religion.

I like this as well and it was needed to be said.

Ohh!!! I can go to town with this Post, but Rick in the House Lol…
No…. Just kidding (he is a great guy) Kenny V will vouch for him.

However in all honestly I will say that because he is in the house many parents may feel that they cant express themselves freely without getting some feedback when it comes to choosing a Doc
A Dan! Doc no less.

Now Buttar oops I wasn’t supposed to mention names he has his own track record and if you like, you can follow it, But for some reason its all “Top secret for us Gentiles so all I can do is get parental reports, and IMO that’s all you really need if you get enough of them.
Please do not ask me, no further comment….

I do not like to talk about people, but IMO when you choose a doc I think it is important that you are confident in them as well as have had a referral who is aquatinted with working with them.
I am not ashamed to say this because it is the best thing a parent can do before making a choice with a Doc.

Gotta say that is why other forums may be more helpful asking this type of question. Or you may have to take a question with an experienced parent off list to get a more honest response.

Sorry if anyone may feel that that is out of place. But it is reality and there is nothing wrong in doing so.
You have that right, we all do.

So with that said, I would ask have ya ever heard of doctor so in so?
Any one have experience with working with them with this or that interventions?
And if so can you please comment, perhaps send an e-mail off list.

Ok back to the original Q from Jen.

Jen I think you should have your question answered specifically and do not feel intimidated, if you need to post on other biobords then do so. Perhaps be more specific and ask again here.
After trying, (which I suggest you do) If you get no response than you can e-mail me personally at this week only. (rarely use this address) Ill share with you what I know of the Docs in your area.

I think I hafta find an old post that I wrote on choosing a doc its is quite humorous and maybe may bring a lighter side to the question with out bashing anyone.

Ill get back if I can find it.
Kenny V

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Postby bizymom » Mon Dec 26, 2005 9:12 am


Best of luck. We are all here to support each other!

Dana R.

Kenny V

Postby Kenny V » Mon Dec 26, 2005 11:00 am

Ohh!!! I can go to town with this Post, but Rick in the House Lol…
No…. Just kidding (he is a great guy) Kenny V will vouch for him.

( I will vouch for him) = positive

Rick No digs I will speak w/ya in person.
I have a past experience, which is kinda funny, but also serious in the nature with someone being well versed in the practice that they are currently in.

This is meant to be humorous, because of MY own situation, the funny thing that people may not know
(as you do) I am in the position as we speak of needing to find a doc who will be able to take us further where I believe we need to go.

Rick again the “ hint hint “ is all in the same company ….. :wink:
isn’t it ?

Again this is meant to be humorous Please no one should take it any other way.
(That is why I mentioned finding the old post that I made on choosing a doc)
It takes the reality of importance while allowing humor to bring a lighter side to it all. :lol:

Anyhow that is why I had said
I do not like to talk about people, but IMO when you choose a doc I think it is important that you are confident in them as well as have had a referral who is aquatinted with working with them.

Again I will say that I do not like to mention names and speak I’ll of anyone.
However when it comes to a parent getting treatment for their child .I do believe all parents should be comfortable in who they choose and should do this off list if they want to get a fair response without it becoming a punching match against anyone.

Kenny V

Ps I still can’t find that post but im workin on it. I think we will all appreciate it when I post it :D

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Postby BTDT » Mon Dec 26, 2005 11:27 am

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Postby srinath » Mon Dec 26, 2005 12:13 pm

My DNA doc was picked based on availability, under 2 week wait, geography, under 2 hour drive, and the fact that my insurance was accepted and she was general practice. BTW that whole DAN becaiuse they have autistic kids defines her to a T. We like her as does my son, and her experience both with her own life and her professional life is outstanding. She has called me back at 8pm on a saturday to answer a question and in short been extrordinary. I bought NDF from her, but it was less $$ than I could have ever bought it for from anywhere, and she didn't attempt to sell me any thing else.
Now Winnie has no point, has no stake in this whole discussion, she has no interest in ever going a biomed route, and what ever her personal experience is, it is pretty much the best kept secret. We need doctors on this discussion group so I will thank Dr N for being on this list, posting vital info and helping out all of us, and at this point like to thank Winnie for being a pharma shill. :x In case we need a few vials of zoloft or other 1 pill a day cures I'll know to email her.

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Postby mouseker » Tue Dec 27, 2005 5:38 am

We picked our DAN due to several things, one is he is the closest, he is also a primary care provider on our insurance carrier (so no referrals necessary!) he used to be a general practitioner until he had some health problems himself and used alternative medicine to help him. Now he is an allergist and environmental doctor as well. So I would have to assume he is board certified by the correct board since he's a provider on our insurance. Anyway we won't be able to see him for another three weeks and then we will be able to see if he's brain certified too. :lol:

Actually we as parents should question and check up and I have to give winnie the benefit of the doubt that she was just trying to be helpful in clarifying what seems to be a rather complicated issue.

There are as many different view points as there are people and everyone deserves the opportunity to express it, as long as it is polite and respectful which is what I've seen so far.

I'm really glad Rick is here and has done so much to help Jim with the website and posting interviews with both parents and with Jim. I've learned so much from these!

As we parents who get no help from the medical community do have to turn somewhere for help. Having done intense ABA with my son for two years he made some real improvements but it only took him so far, and I believe he can go further. We've seen even more improvement with several biomedical interventions (between behavioral modification therapies so it wasn't that) and want to see if he can reach even higher! Isn't this what every parent wants for their child disabled or NT?

The other thing I think we sometimes tend to forget is that mercury can cause permanent damage. Sometimes the biomedical won't help even with getting all of the metals out it can sometimes be too late. All I can do is hope that my son has the ability to heal and help his body be as free of toxins and heavy metals as possible.

I am glad that alopathy exists I had pneumonia several times as a child. But I also think that as a society we tend to over use alopathic medicine. Taking pain pills for Fibromyalgia (which I have) when taking- 400-600 mg of magnesiums and getting regular massages will take care of it. If there is a more natural route I would rather take that one. But when my child gets a temp of 102 I will be giving ibuprophine High temps can do damage all on their own. All of my siblings have had to have their appendixes out and I thank heaven that there were hospitals and surgeons to help them, my brothers appendix leaked and he nearly died. Alopathic medicine has it's place but so does biomedical and I think that each person has to find a balance between the two that is most comfortable for them.

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