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Registration Problems:
Q: I registered, but I can't log in.
A: Did you use a valid, permanent email address when you registered? Your account cannot be activated without a working email address. You will get an email from AutismWeb.com to confirm your registration. Save this email.

Q: Where is my confirmation email? I used a valid address when I registered!
A: If you don't see it within 12 hours -- and you checked your Spam or Bulk folder -- send me an email with your User Name in it. Email me and I will make sure you get the information. Email autismweb(at)yahoo.com.

Email address
Q: Why does it say that my email address is banned?
A. Some email addresses, especially temporary and disposable addresses, are not allowed due to their use by spammers and troublemakers. Accounts found to have temporary/disposable email addresses will be restricted until a permanent email address is added.

Where's my first post?
Q: I just joined and posted an article but I don't see it!
A: Board moderators/admins have to approve the first one or more posts of new users. This is to prevent spam. Your post will be approved within 24 hours. There is nothing you have to do; your post will automatically be sent to them.

Can't Log In After Updating Account
Q: I just updated my email address (or other information) but now I can't log in!
A: When you change your email address, the system will send you an email to reactivate your account. Check your bulk or spam folder if you don't see it.

Account Problems
Q: My account isn't working. Can I just create a new one?
A: No. We only allow one account per user for various reasons explained elsewhere. Please email me if you're having problems with an account. autismweb(at)yahoo.com

Proxies and Spam Domains
Q: Why did you reject my post and say it came from a "domain associated with spam"? I want to use an anonymous proxy service to post on your forum.
A: Proxies are used by spammers and end up on most spam lists; we don't tolerate spam. Anonymous services are also used by people trying to get around a ban or suspension for violating board rules. They're also used by people trying to drum up support for their books, products, services and/or viewpoints by creating multiple fake accounts.

Q: Can I hide my email address from other board members?
A: Yes, just check the box to do that under your "profile" in the User Control Panel.

Deactivating an Account
Q: I don't want to post here anymore. What do I have to do?
A: You don't have to do anything; just stop using your account. If you want us to deactivate your account, send the webmaster an email or private message requesting deactivation. If you use email, please use the email address listed for your account. Once we deactivate an account, we will not reactivate it.

Q: Will you delete my posts after I stop posting here?
A: No. You are responsible for editing your own posts.

Error Messages
Q: I keep getting error messages. What do I do?
A: Copy and paste the entire message into an email and send it to me to investigate. Include your user name.

Q: I forgot my password. Can you find it for me?
A: Your password is hidden from me. You can get a new one by clicking on the "I forgot my password" link on the Log In page. Make sure you keep your email address up to date with us, or you won't receive the email with a temporary password.

Private Messages
Q: Someone I don't like keeps sending me private messages. Can I block them?
A: Not completely. You can add him/her to your Foes list and delete their messages without reading them. Putting someone on your Foes list also blocks you from seeing her posts on the board when you're logged in.

Q: Someone sent me a PM, but I haven't gotten it (or I can't find it anymore). Why?
A: Your Inbox can only store 18 PMs. When it's full, it will delete the oldest PMs, or put the new ones on hold. To prevent this, please delete old PMs, or move them to another folder.

Reporting Rules Violations
Q: What's the best way to report a rules violation?
A. Click on the red ! (exclamation point) icon on the bottom right of the post in question. This submits a report to the board administrator and moderator, and allows them to find the post quickly.

Board Emails
Q: I'm not getting emails notifying me of new Private Messages and/or of replies to a thread I'm following. Why?
A: Have you checked your Spam or Bulk Mail folder? If yes, then click on your User Control Panel. Check your account information. Do we have your current email address? Have you checked the box saying you want email notifications? If the answer to all is yes, send me an email or PM with your email address and the name of your internet service provider. Sometimes ISPs block the computer-generated email from our board because it looks like spam. We will contact them to fix it.
Webmaster, AutismWeb.com
Report technical problems to me by PM or email

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