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Using Real Names

Postby ModeratorBill » Wed Dec 20, 2006 6:14 pm

When I find 'em, I'm deleting what appear to be the names of real people who are mentioned in posts unless there is something to substantiate the post, and/or it's a well-known or "public" person. That would be someone who has sought the media spotlight, authors of published books and papers, people who file lawsuits, people who have articles written about them in the media, for instance. If you want to refer to someone who is not a member here, post a link to support your comment. Link to an objective or primary source (e.g. news article, the person's published comments or web site) If I have any doubt about it, I will remove the name or post.

You're free to use your own name. I don't encourage it. Some people believe using their name adds credibility to their posts. No argument from me.

We don't want to stifle debate by blocking certain names. Though we do it if we have to. Problem is a small number of people try to use our forum to shovel along slander and rumor, usually while remaining anonymous themselves. Not cool.

Here are examples of right and wrong ways:

Right Way to Use a Name: Dr. ModeratorBill wrote in this paper (link here) that autism is caused by computers. I dispute that. Here are my reasons: x, y and z.... Dr. ModeratorBill was disciplined by the California Board of Physicians for incorrect billing. Here's a link to a New York Times story about this. (Facts given and properly supported).

Wrong: Dr. ModeratorBill is a fool who cheated on his MCATs, is despised by his office staff, and is dangerous. I know this because another ModBill-hater wrote it on his blog. A friend of my neighbor had a terrible experience with him. I can tell from hearing him speak that he's getting dementia and shouldn't practice. (Slander and rumor, unsubstantiated allegations, you get the picture.) Any one who goes to him hates his kid. (Personal attack)

The vast majority of you comply with these distinctions, but for those of you who refuse to change, we will be deleting posts, at the least.
Bill the Moderator
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