San Diego or surrounding areas bio medical referral

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San Diego or surrounding areas bio medical referral

Postby Westonsmama » Tue May 19, 2015 7:45 pm

Can anyone recommend a dr or naturopathic dr who is familiar with methyl b-12 shots and other treatments in San Diego, Orange County or LA area?

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Re: San Diego or surrounding areas bio medical referral

Postby Pirsig » Thu May 21, 2015 8:46 am

I am a little surprised no one responded to this yet. Here's a link that might help - ... h?start=40

I found 3 doctors on that list that I really like - Dan Rossignol MD(Irvine, CA), Cynthia Schneider MD (Phoenix, AZ), and Ken Stoller MD (New Mexico or Arizona??). Please note that I have no personal experience with these doctors but just know that they have a very good reputation in the ASD community. Of these 3 doctors above, my personal favorite is Ken Stoller - he has done great work for kids on the spectrum and has not been afraid to speak his thoughts about the mainstream medical community and the pharma industry.

Just an FYI - my daughter is a current patient of James Neubrander MD in New Jersey.

Some other thoughts (just my opinions) that might help -

1) I always prefer MD's since they have a degree from a medical school and if something goes wrong, they are in the best position to help. I would be nervous about going to an ND even though most of these treatments (not all) are pretty harmless things like high dose vitamins, natural antifungals etc. Just my preference.

2) Its also preferable to go to a doctor who might not be very close but has a lot of experience treating ASD kids, than to someone who is really close but has limited or no experience with ASD kids. You will find that after the first few months, you can do follow up appointments over Skype and not need to see them in person regularly.

3) Cost is a huge issue for most parents since insurance might not cover all of your prescriptions and recommended treatments. As an example, projected costs for my daughter for a 3-4 year treatment period are about 40K-50K (includes 17K for purchasing a used soft chamber HBOT for home treatment).

4) You probably already know that the earlier you start the biomedical interventions, the better it works. Kids less than 4 are generally expected to progress much faster than kids over 6.

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