Mysterious death of a doctor who helped kids with Autism...

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Mysterious death of a doctor who helped kids with Autism...

Postby dgdavis64 » Mon Jul 27, 2015 2:20 pm

Here is the BS from the Washington Post "reporter" if you can stomach through it... ... thousands/

The mysterious death of a doctor who peddled autism ‘cures’ to thousands

By Michael E. Miller July 16

James Jeffrey Bradstreet was one of the world’s most famous — or infamous — physicians. He believed vaccines caused autism. He even testified so before Congress. Twice.

But he didn’t just rail against Big Pharma. He also tried to beat it.

Bradstreet offered thousands of autism patients around the globe controversial treatments. He claimed he could effectively cure kids of their autism, cancer and other maladies simply by injecting them with protein shots.

When Bradstreet’s body was found last month in the Rocky Broad River in mountainous North Carolina with a bullet wound to the chest, therefore, friends, family members and patients pointed fingers at drug corporations. The FDA. Anyone but Bradstreet.

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