This frustates me!

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This frustates me!

Postby AspieGenes » Tue Oct 25, 2016 11:34 am ... oys-girls/

"Also, recent studies on autism-linked genes have found that girls can have the same kinds of genetic mutations seen in boys with autism, but not show symptoms. They “even need to have twice as many mutations on average to actually manifest with autism,” said Joseph Buxbaum, director of an autism center at Mount Sinai medical school in New York."

Why are the researches not focusing on genes that are on the x chormosome, like MAOA and MAOB, to look for the reason for gender differences in ASD? A male can only be homozygous for MAOA and MAOB while a woman can be heteorzygous as well.

With so many people on this forum talking about aggression in their kids you would think it would be studied more

But the truth is that the GWAS have only RECENTLY started including X chromosome genes!

So they are leaving out researching the one thing that makes men and women so different!


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