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Autism and police interractions

Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 2:11 pm
by Kevin Levites
Hello everyone:

With the understanding that I have a perfectly clean record...has anyone had problems with the police because of their autism?

It seems that many cops consider themselves to be human polygraph machines, and issues like my lack of eye contact have led police to believe that I'm deceptive when I'm being completely honest.

Also, I have subtle motor tics (which is interpreted as a "tell"), and the fact that I' m very literal has gotten me grabbed and slammed against a concrete wall.

To understand this last, I was picked up by cops and brought into interrogation when I was in college (I was blamed for something I didn't do, and was released when the situation was cleared up).

When the detective asked: "What do you think brought you into my interrogation room today?", I answered "Two police officers in a cop car."

After being slammed against the wall for "mouthing off", I cultivated the habit of thinking very carefully before answering questions, which means that I'm "thinking up a lie".

I experience similar issues with job interviews, school situations, etc..

How do I get around these things?

I've had cops refuse to file reports when I've been assaulted because they think I'm deceptive when I'm being completely honest.