Online survey research: Supporting Decision-making and Information-sharing about Technologies for Children with Autism

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Online survey research: Supporting Decision-making and Information-sharing about Technologies for Children with Autism

Postby cputnam » Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:22 am

Please help us with research we are conducting at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

We are asking for parents, educators, therapists, social workers and case managers who have children/students/clients who have autism to participate.

The long-term goal of this project is to create decision and information-sharing tools (i.e. recommender system) aimed to help people learn about and choose technology-based products, services, toys and applications that are (a) well suited for a child’s age, abilities and interests, and (b) aimed at specific autism-related goals.

The survey will take about 20-40 minutes of your time.

We will ask you to focus on a specific child (but will NOT ask for a name). We will ask for the child's age, their challenges, their interests, information about their IEP, and about technologies you have tried/used with that child. Specifically, we will ask about (a) technologies used (e.g. apps, software, toys and games), (b) what your goals were with the technologies, (c) how successful you felt the technologies were, (d) how you searched for and found information about the technologies, (e) and what types of information you would have liked to have had about the technologies before purchase/use. We will also ask about your opinions about how well your school /school district (s) provides for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Your information will be kept confidential. When we write about the study or publish a paper to share the research with other researchers, we will write about the combined information we have gathered.

You will receive $10 as a gift card (your choice of Starbucks or Amazon) for responding IF you submit a completed survey in which your answers to open-ended questions are understandable and make sense in the context of the question AND you are one of the first 256 responses. We will ask for an email so that we can send you the gift card.

We will remove any identifiable information from your responses after the submission is scanned for intelligible and understandable answers.

Here is the link to the study:

If you have any questions about this research please contact Cynthia Putnam at DePaul University at

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