Lupron = chemical castration?

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Casper and Lilbopeep

Postby srinath » Mon May 08, 2006 4:41 pm

Casper and LilboPeep - You need to re-read this same thread from the begining.
There are several other threads too that show case winnie's advice ... just that I am not going to find it ... if you really need to ... be my guest ...

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Postby rlneub » Mon May 08, 2006 7:01 pm

My 2 cents.

Winnie & I do not agree on many things, but I have found her to be intelligent and thought provoking. I have not seen excessive bad mouthing of a person but have seen her call into question many of the things I believe in. Calling into question is not a BAD thing. And yes, her questions can make one uncomfortable, but they always make me think.


In my opinion, you are doing more harm than good. I am glad you believe in biomed as I think it will help your child, but the childish barbs, insults, and name calling turn people off including those who are looking for help. They turn me off and I believe in biomed!

You have a lot of good points. Please, just put out the explanations of why you are doing something or why you believe something, or the facts that you have listended to to make a decision, but give the nasties a rest. Do not turn off those who are seeking help.
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Postby LM » Mon May 08, 2006 7:21 pm

The point is not that I claim to be an expert. The point is that you claim to have done everything.

While I'll admit I've tried a lot, it's certainly not a claim to have tried everything.

I am very familiar with Andy Cutler, the entire Onibasu index of his posts, and his counting rules. Not to sound redundant, but we are happy with the results of our current therapies.

As I said before, I'll continue to read some of these posts regarding new treatments with great interest/skepticism, as well as some of the new research coming out. I think the findings from UT are quite interesting and exciting. We're happy with the gains we've seen using PRT, it's certainly more exhausting than any of the therapies we've tried, but well worth the results.

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Its your Kid

Postby srinath » Tue May 09, 2006 9:33 am

LM - Like I said ... your descision ...
Rlneub - I am not concerned about winnie calling into question. She used to quote or post dmpsbackfire, autismdiva, KevinLeitch, Orac Knows and Bart Cubbins as well as several more very questionable sources. She can question it all she wants ... just like my son's doctor did. Makes no difference.

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And winnie doesn't put down people ...

Postby srinath » Tue May 09, 2006 9:48 am

Winnie wrote:
Old school India Vs new India. Nothing carries over.

Except heavy metal poisoning. :wink:

To anyone that doesn't think that winnie doesn't put down people ... there it is for a billion Indians ... and I was just looking for something else in the old posts ...

give a mouse a cookie
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Postby give a mouse a cookie » Tue May 09, 2006 11:13 am

Give it up. No one is backing you or your ideas up. Even the staunchest of biomed supporters have shied away from you. You have begun to ramble on and on, and only you are paying any attention to what you have to say. Half the time, you post a response without giving much thought to your comments and without doing any research of the topic. Case in point--the Indian ghee thread. You had no idea, you just posted as if you were an authority because you happen to be Indian.
Misinformation is more harmful than no information at all. If you are not qualified to dispense advice, then don't. You are a programmer, not a physician, and it doesn't appear that you even have a great deal of experience with anything pertaining to the treatment of autistic children, other than your own, of course. If you have helpful comments or advice regarding interpreting metals test results, or perhaps coding a new and exciting application, then go ahead and post, but try to make your posts a little less inflammatory.
Regarding the comment about Winnie and castration--WOW. That was in incredibly poor taste, offensive, vulgar, and an unwarranted personal attack.
Now, back to the ORIGINAL post. Lupron = chemical castration?
Yes, Lupron can be used for "chemical castration" of sex offenders and pedophiles. It is well documented and appears to work for some men, provided they take their prescription. However, some men don't like the side effects and quit taking the medication. I haven't researched the full effects of what happens when someone stops taking Lupron in this type of case, but I believe that the results are short-lived, and the sex offenders go back to their old ways.
So, if the doctors in question (starts with G--rhymes with fire) are prescribing it for an actual diagnosis of precocious puberty, then their patients' parents have every right to administer it to their children. I personally wonder just how many kids truly are in precocious puberty, and I would guess that there are many blood tests to indicate this diagnosis. The problem is, the G's seem to many of us to be a little hasty in their fanfare. The sheets of mercury binding to testosterone is hard for many of us to comprehend, considering most of us, including srinath, are not chemists, doctors or scientists. I am not saying that the "binding" does or does not occur. Just cautious.
srinath wants his son treated by the G's and that is his privilege. I am not defending nor condemning srinath's treatment path. I do, however, condemn his debate tactics. He is very quick to attack anyone who questions controversial or experimental treatments, especially those of us who have chosen a non-biomedical approach in the treatment of our children. Again, this is some parents' approach to treatment and it works for a great deal of children. srinath quickly tells us that we are "pharma shills" and potentially abusing our children by not chelating them. Whatever.
srinath's recent inquisition regarding LM's son's metals test results were similar to his insistence that my own son was not even tested. It is offensive to have our abilities called into question every time we don't follow "the srinath way." We are not questioning parents' love and devotion to their kids, only questioning some of the more controversial treatments. There is a big difference.

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Like I have said ... its your Kid

Postby srinath » Tue May 09, 2006 11:49 am

GM Cookie - Its your kid ... I have said that before to several others, so here it is for you.
Now Ghee - Its possible to make GFCF but you need to follow the exact precautions I posted. That came from my wife. Else its not GFCF. French style clarified butter is not GFCF, its not easy to get the thing filtered, since it will have to be done very very hot. It may only have traces of casein though if you dont follow that though, but its enough to be non CF.

Now Dr G*eier tests very very thoroughly before prescribing lupron. No way for you to know that since you're not ever going to try it. I am posting about it only because people keep muddying the issue. They suspect high testosterone and hence early puberty. They test for both ... and not just blood and urine, they also look for cancers and anyhting else that may cause high T. Their testing is thorough, and if you dont fit into that category then no lupron for you ... simple. They also test for genetic disorders and mutations BTW. In fact this whole thread is pointless. Its based on the assumption that Dr G writes up lupron for everyone. And at $2,000 a shot they are getting big money from pharma for doing so. If you dont remember go back 2-3 pages.

And even the staunchest of biomed supporters have shied away from me ... 1 I dont need to be talking to the staunch biomed supporters, they are doing fine by themselves, and 2 how do you know and 3 who cares.

Remember I am doing this to keep the people that have very very normal or close to normal kids from muddying the pool by posting how biomed is crap and there is no mercury poisoning and they can teach the kids this and that by doing ABA and chelation is risky and bad. That is true false hope. So in other words as long as you and winnie and LM and whoever keeps fighting with me here ... the rest of the board can stay clean and Biomed oriented.

This thread was started by people trying to discredit Dr G's work by using frivolous blog references, and I am posting here to make sure that people know that Dr G tests the kids thoroughly.
Dr G was in no way hasty. We met them on Jan 23, and started our first Lupron round this saturday. May 6th. Tests and analysis and several phone consults ... 3 1/2 months. Nothing hasty about it. Once again stop smearing them.
There is no srinath way, this is the biomed section and you can post in the "work work work Patience patience patience" section about your therapies. I have said that before.

Its a controversial treatment only to people who want to discredit it. AKA pharma and ABA shills. Lupron is very temporary and that is well known. Chelation is also controversial, and getting nutrition up for the kid is the precaution needed for it. By saying that its all controversial you have effectively condemned my treatment path. You have an axe to grind ... then its all controversial.

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