Procedures for working/w Paraprofessionals to Improve...

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Procedures for working/w Paraprofessionals to Improve...

Postby LM » Fri Mar 23, 2007 1:29 pm

Socialization for Children with Autism
Cost $7
Order it on the UCSB Autism site

I found this really helpful for aides and other adults working with children with autism. There are all sorts of great ideas on how to make the inclusive environment successful for the asd child, training paras to avoid "hovering" behaviors, teaching asd kids to ask a peer instead of asking an adult for help for things like opening a juice box, buttoning a coat, or putting on shoes etc. The manual suggested a buddy system for asd kids and their typical peers and the types of activities that can be done with a buddy..

highly reccommend!

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