Educate Toward Recovery: Turning the Tables on Autism (VB)

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Educate Toward Recovery: Turning the Tables on Autism (VB)

Postby ruggerschr » Thu May 10, 2007 3:45 pm

Hi Folks,

I am the author of a relatively new book called Educate Toward Recovery: Turning the Tables on Autism. ETR is a teaching manual for the Verbal Behavior Approach to ABA. The book was written with the needs of the parent of a child with autism in mind and focuses on translating what can be confusing behavior speak into everyday language. The Book is doing very well and can be found at

If you go to the site you will see a complete description of the book including the reason for the somewhat controversial title. There are also three reviews of ETR that were printed in recent ABA journals as well as three free papers I have written that discuss matters such as the importance of VB to ABA, How to earn instructional control with your child without physical manipulation, and How ABA/VB compares and contrasts to RDI Feel free to go to the website above and download these papers for free.

Finally, I want to share with you some of the supporters of the Book "ETR" and their quotes about the book.

Cherish Twigg, MS, BCBA and Holly Kibbe, MS, BCBA - CEO and COO of Establishing Operations Inc. - (

"Robert Schramm has written a book that is a must read for parents, therapists, and teachers of children with autism. This book is clear, heartfelt, informative, and provides behavioral terminology in a way that is applicable and easy to understand. He has beautifully explained Applied Behavior Analysis as an effective, scientifically validated treatment for autism. Robert’s book offers realistic hope in a world where it is needed most. We personally recommend this book to every parent or educator of a child in need."

Shiri Bartman, M.A., BCBA - Clinical Director - Shining Through Centre for Children with Autism (

“Educate Toward Recovery” is a terrific book for both parents and professionals. It is clearly written and describes concepts and teaching strategies in an easy to understand style. Learning about Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior can be overwhelming at first for many – this book allows all of us working in this field to benefit from a cohesive and much needed resource. A wonderful tool!

Early Intervention W.A. (Western Australia) -

"An excellent description of the techniques behind a quality ABA program, with particular focus on the Verbal Behaviour (VB) approach."

Juliet Burk (producer of the DVD "The Early Learner At Home")

"This book was written by one of the most sensitive and compassionate behavior analysts I have ever known. He used his years of experience and wisdom to explain ABA and particularly verbal behavior to parents in clear words and easy to follow examples. Robert has included a chapter on "Control Children"--those children deemed resistant to typical ABA methods. That chapter helps make this book solid gold and a great value for parents. A great buy if you want to really understand ABA rather than just blindly use procedures that have worked for other kids."

Meredith Sterns Parker, MS, SLP and special needs parent (

"I received this book several days ago and I can't endorse it enough. Your book is full of wisdom and terrific rationale. I posted a VERY long post on the message board tonight because I was so inspired... I just had so much to say and share that I had to get up in the middle of the night and write it. "Educate Toward Recovery" is the best I have read and the best on my shelf for PARENTS to read (professionals, too, but especially parents). It is an easy-to-understand text, and the chapter on RDI and ABA explains a rationale for how the two approaches can co-exist. This book summarizes, in an easy read, much of what has taken me a whole year to synthesize from other sources and LOTS of research, workshops, and learning on my own. It is also VERY supportive of parents being their child's teacher. I can't thank you enough for your book.

Melinda Poist - President, Dayton Area Families for Effective Autism Treatement(DAFEAT).

"I heard about your book on the VB list — someone recommended it to another parent who wanted to maximize their ABA dollars and spend wisely. I am very grateful for the tip. It is one of the best manuals I've seen to date. I absolutely love it. I sent out a post to our listserv in Dayton, OH. urging everyone to get their hands on a copy. You are a wonderful writer and I relate to your journey as a parent AND a special ed teacher."

Reg Reynolds, Ph.D., C.Psych

"This is the best book on the Verbal Behavior approach to ABA that I have seen. If I was going to recommend only one book to either the parents of a child with autism or to anyone who is trying to help a child with autism, this is the book that I would recommend. It has a lot of important information that I wouldn't expect to find anywhere else. I would give it five stars out of five."

Mary Childerston, MA (Montessori teacher and autism instructor)

"Robert Schramm’s book, Educate Toward Recovery, revolutionized my work with children both young and old. I gratefully and highly recommend this book to all Montessori teachers whose hearts ache for every student they have had to send away from their classrooms, due to behavior problems and academic, communicative and social challenges these teachers did not understand. Thanks to the practices and procedures so aptly described in Educate Toward Recovery, Montessori educators can now both reach and teach students challenged by autism... Mr. Schramm has accomplished a remarkable feat in writing and publishing this manual. Like so many professionals committed to children with autism and their families, this author and professional truly walks on the side of angels.”

Lindajeanne Schwartz, MS, SLP, TSHH, BCBA - Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (

"I have just ordered my second copy of this wonderful book! My first was used so often that the pages have begun to come undone, so for my personal library I have treated myself to a second copy! I use this as a tremendous resource for family and staff trainings. You are so easy to understand that I can gear the training to any audience with this book as the backdrop. Thank you for putting what I do everyday for the past 6 years (since learning about skinner's analysis of verbal behavior) into everyday plain english for all to finally better understand!

Diana Luckevich - Author of the very popular VB management resource, "Learning Targets to Teach a Child To Communicate" (

"Robert's book helps you understand how every interaction you have with your child is an important teaching experience. Children can and should learn day and night in all environments. One of the best messages that this book sends is that everyone in a child's life can be a teacher and can make a difference. Parents should read this book to become empowered to help their children and not wait for someone else to rescue them."

Sharon Watts, M.S. Speech-Language Pathologist

"I just wanted to let you know that your book is making its rounds through all the parents of the students in our classroom. The first mom was very thankful for us loaning it to her and she is going to buy a copy for herself. I think the narrative and clear-cut way that you relayed the information in your book helps them understand how to get control back in their lives. Thanks again for writing such a tremendously helpful resource."

Dr. Paul Strand, Professor - Washington State University

"You have written a wonderful book. The title of my class is Self Control. Chapter 7 of your Book "ETR" is required reading in the class for two reasons. First, it discussed the higher-order construct, social control, within the context of the basic ABA constructs. Second and relatedly, you were so clear with respect to discussing a controversy—namely that involving the acceptance of social control as a legitimate construct for behavior analysis. Your acknowledgement, discussion, and justification of why social control is controversial are excellent. I am hoping to one day teach a class on ABA or autism so that I can adopt your book for the class. Thanks for a great book."

Joy Deffinbaugh - Timberdoodle Books (

"I have recently finished reading your book, and really enjoyed it. We are very eager to make it available through Timberdoodle. I have read extensively in the autism field, and have yet to find any book that I feel is as systematic, readable and practical for the families. Timberdoodle is about to launch an online autism resource center, having been in the educational market for over 20 years. We have spent a great deal of this last year working with a child with autism, and are anxious to offer resources to families who are in similar situations. Your book meets our need for a family friendly, practical, ABA-based book."

Marc Goblot - Verbal Behavior Community UK (

"I want to provide some information about a new book called "Educate Toward Recovery: Turning the Tables on Autism" by Robert Schramm. I found it a great reference that consolidates all the core concepts of the VB approach and is written in a very intuitive and accessible manner."

I hope you don't mind me promoting my own work on this site. I emailed the administrators of the site about doing a review of the book and they informed me that they have a backlog of books to review and suggested that I share my information with you all directly on this forum.

Thanks for taking the time to read this information. And really take advantage of the free papers on the Lulu weblink. They really offer a lot of top notch information.

Robert Schramm, MA, BCBA
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Oh I forgot

Postby ruggerschr » Thu May 10, 2007 3:53 pm

ooops. I forgot to mention, if anyone has had the chance to read ETR and wants to share, I´would love to hear what you thought of the book. It was a three year vision quest putting it together and I am excited with the way it has been recieved so far. Let me know if you found it beneficial to your situation as well.

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Postby LittleManzParents » Sat May 19, 2007 10:07 am

Thanks for posting, Robert! And thanks for writing it! :D 8)
I look forward to checking it out in the near future.

ETA: Your link didn't work for me. Perhaps this one will work for others...

(Thanks for the link loan, Do'C! :D )
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Postby ruggerschr » Sat May 19, 2007 11:10 am


Thanks for updating the link. Do me a favor and return here after you have a chance to read ETR and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing your views.

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Postby respect » Sat May 19, 2007 8:44 pm

Hi, i bought this book off of Lulu and read it cover to cover. It was one of the books that made me realise beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I am ready and able to educate my own child with ASD.

The book is probably one of the best and easy to read books on the market today concerning VB. Coupled with the abbls, i dont think one needs to buy any more books on VB. (nope, i dont know the author, just giving credit where credit is due). I heard about this book on an online list and bought it, and passed it on to my newbie therapists about 6 months ago and even they found that it made sense.

since then, we have ended our VB "program" and self style our sons learning based on what he needs and not what our consultant thinks.

I think we would be lucky to have Robert as a regular contributor to this forum in the education section for all of us who use VB. Maybe Robert you could open a new thread in that section?

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Postby Do'C » Sun May 20, 2007 1:21 am

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Thanks for the link help

Postby ruggerschr » Mon May 21, 2007 6:46 am

Little Manz and Doc,

Thanks for the help with the Picture link. I added it to my original message above. I am new to this site but I have to say there are some very friendly and helpful people here.

Thanks again,



Hi Respect

Postby ruggerschr » Tue Mar 11, 2008 10:19 pm

Hi Respect,

Thanks for the great review. I am really glad that you found ETR to be so helpful to you. This is very similar to the kind of reaction I am getting from parents and therapists all over the world and I couldn't be happier. I am a little concerned that my book might have pulled you into a self service model as I feel that good support is important (albeit hard to find). I wouldn't necessarily recommend going it alone but, if you find that your current program is not up to par with the info in my book, I would recommend that you look for someone who is.

Regardless, I have a few bits of news to share:

I will be in Chicago and Texas this May giving complete 2-day workshops in ABA/Vb for the Chicago group I-CARE that you can find at and the North Texas Feat organization that you can easily google. I will also be at the Chicago area walkathon in May with a booth and speaking at the ABA int. Conference giving a workshop on Saturday evening May 23rd 6-9pm. See the groups listed above for more info or go to the ABA int. org website for info on Workshop #53 if you are interested.

Thanks and feel free to share your thoughts on ETR with anyone you think it will help.


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