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FOR BEHAVIOR PLANS: "The Zigurat Model" and "

Postby b's mom » Tue Oct 30, 2007 10:16 am

The Ziggurat Model, by Aspy & Grossman
The Ziggurat is a model specifically designed for children with Asperger's and HF Autism. The author states many times how you cannot ignore the autism when designing a behavior plan. It's impossible for it to work because you ignore the underlying reasons for the behavior. If your child's behavior plan (sometimes called BIP or BP) only discusses or lays out a plan on what to do when your child acts a certain inappropriate way, then your not addressing the autism.

Step one is to fille out and assessment broken down into parts. Our team did it on their own as well as me and my husband filling it out. It was interesting to see how the SAME boxes were checked and very similar words written in the descriptions.
The Assessment parts are:
Restricted Patterns of Behavior, Interests, & Activities
Sensory Differences
Cognitive Differences

Once the assessment is filled out, the team gets together and compares the two lists, brainstorms what are the main behaviorial issues. At this point the team fills out the ABC or iceburg form. This worksheet actually shows an iceburg and the ABC section is the tip of the iceburg or what you easily can see 'above the water'. What is below the iceburg is what the author calls the "underlying conditions" or the actual reasons why our children behave inapropriately -the autism.
The ABC breakdown is as follows:
Consequence (what happens after behavior, good or bad)

So the ABC/ICEBURG sheet is almost complete. At this pointthe team should go through the Assessment form the team and the parents filled out and addres each box checked, problem solving or finding solutions to write down into the ZIGGURAT WORKSHEET. This worksheet makes SURE you address the autism by having 5 key sections.

The "Ziggurat Intervetion" or the Ziggurat worksheet sections:
1. Sensory & Biological Needs
2. Reinforcement
3. Structure & Visual Supports
4. Task Demand
5. Skills to Teach

So each underlying condition must be addressed by utilizing the 5 areas as well as checking if you've addressed the anticedent, behavior, or consequence. It's amazing how detailed this BIP is once complete.

I should add that this took our team an enourmous amount of time. It was the first time doin such a model for all of us so we were all looking in the book, wondering if we were doing it right. I think we may have made some mistakes but the BIP is so detailed that the transfer to middle school will be much easier.

The Comprehensive Autism Plannin system (CAPS), by Henry & Myles.
Works with the Ziggurat. You don't HAVE to use it but what this does is helps with children who have many supports and so many that there is a concern from year to year of those changing slightly (but enouh to cause an issue) OR if your moving on to middle school or high school and you need very detailed documentation of these supports.
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