Wonderful book Amazingly Alphie

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Wonderful book Amazingly Alphie

Postby Kat_maine » Thu Jan 31, 2008 1:35 pm

In this brightly illustrated book, readers are introduced to Alphie, a computer that is "wired differently" and therefore has trouble fitting in and performing successfully among the other computers in the lab. After beginning to doubt his self-worth and his ability to anything right, Alphie finally meets a human, Chris, who has been hired by the other humans to "fix" the malfunctioning computers in the lab. Chris' patient and accepting approach totally changes Alphie's life, without the need to "fix" anything about him. Instead of feeling incompatible and useless, Alphie starts to realize that being different makes him special, and soon he is free to use his abilities to their fullest, free to be who he was meant to be. In a postscript, we learn the "secret" behind Chris' success with Alphie: Growing up, he experienced many of the same difficulties and frustrations as Alphie.

This book, written for children 8 and up, fosters understanding and acceptance while celebrating differences. It is a perfect addition to any family and school reading.

It can be used as a tool for parents of children with differences (i.e., Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, social and communicative disorders, and any other difference that poses a challenge to a child that sets him/her apart from their peers). It can be used as a way to help a child understand his or her own particular challenge ­ with or without using a label.

Included in the book is a guide for parents and educators on ways to use this resource most effectively.

A teacher Spencer had about a few months before he was diagnosed Autisitc recomended this book for all the kids to read she even bought 5 copies to and gave each student a chance to read it, a new student that was autistic only more severe than Spencer was going to be joining the class. Kind of hoping the other students would be more understanding and it turned out more students were accepting than they thought.
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