Cheri Meiners' books for children (social, listening, etc)

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Cheri Meiners' books for children (social, listening, etc)

Postby idaphne63 » Wed Mar 05, 2008 9:16 pm

Cheri J. Meiners is a former educator who has written some great books that help explain social situations, listening skills, empathy, etc. to young children.

I believe most of the books are stated for ages 4-8, but I started reading them to my son when he was a little under three. He is now 4 and I can tell that he understands them better now.

The books I have are "Join In and Play" and "Listen and Learn". My son is always interested in them and seems to be really taking in the books' messages. I think the illustrations depict emotion well, and this seems to pique his interest.

Among other things, "Join In and Play" talks about how to join a group of children already playing and what to do if they say "no", how to join in when one person is playing, etc. "Listen and Learn" takes place in a classroom and talks about how we listen with a quiet body, eyes on subject, etc. and how listening makes other people feel good, etc.

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