"The Brain that Changes Itself"

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"The Brain that Changes Itself"

Postby respect » Wed Apr 02, 2008 6:09 pm

Brand new book by Norman Doidge, MD about the neuroplasticity of the brain and how the brain learns to use new parts of itself to do things that are shut down in other parts.

inspiring book, must read for every parent and lots in it on autism.

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Postby Noahsgift » Sat Sep 27, 2008 4:43 pm

I just ordered this book off of half.com. I'm trying to do my own therapy with my son to train his prefrontal cortex part of his brain that is damaged. I'm hoping for a complete understanding on how the brain works and how it can adapt when parts of it are damaged. Can't wait to read it. Does it actually explain how to train the parts that are damaged?

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The Brain that Changes itself

Postby jaysmum » Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:20 pm

Yes, I read this book. The most helpful bit of it was one chapter - on the use of the Fast Forword program. To be honest, unless I am missing something, it might not give you what you want.

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