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Fill-in-the-blank autism journal

Postby sunflowerbee » Thu Apr 24, 2008 6:45 pm

Record Keeping Takes a Leap Forward for Parents of Children with Autism When New Daily Journal Is Released

Every 20 minutes, another child is diagnosed with autism. Most of these children’s parents are overwhelmed by the news. After the parent is aware of the problem, the daily routine begins. Every little thing is important and it is difficult to keep track. Sunflower Bee offers a unique solution for easy record keeping.

On June 27, 2008 Sunflower Bee will release a fill-in-the-blank daily journal for parents of children with autism. The title of the book is “A Day at a Time” Parent’s Journal Series: Autism. The journal makes it easy for parents to record important facts like observations and treatments of their children. “A Day at a Time” Parent’s Journal Series: Autism can be preordered now at a special discount. Sunflower Bee will donate a portion of the profits to autism research organizations.

Sunflower Bee was founded after owner Jen Merheb was diagnosed with a thyroid condition. Jen Merheb wanted to track her symptoms so that developing patterns would be apparent. Jen Merheb went to search for a logbook and found nothing but blank journals.

“I wanted a journal with a less time-consuming, easy to use format. I have been driven to publish this journal because of the fact that I am a parent. I wanted to give parents who are going through any type of condition with their child an easier way to cope. I would also like to follow up with other journals in the future.” Jen Merheb explains about Sunflower Bee journals.

“A Day at a Time” Parent’s Journal Series: Autism is complete with pages for all the activities, observations, and treatments of a child with autism. Parents can keep track of all the changes and special moments with their child. When they go to the doctor, they can take the book to give accurate, detailed information.

“We at Sunflower Bee are proud to give a part of the profits from the journals to autism research organizations. To follow this theme of giving, we make it easy for people to donate our hardcover journal to a family who has a child with autism.” Jen Merheb remarks about giving.

Because so many children have autism, the demand for an excellent record keeping system is great. People want to be able to quickly write down the important facts and go on with their day. Sunflower Bee’s “A Day at a Time” Parent’s Journal Series: Autism makes this possible.

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