A friend like Henry

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A friend like Henry

Postby williams_dad » Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:09 am

A Friend like Henry
Nuala Gardner
ISBN 9 780 340 952 740
Hodder & Stoughton : 2007

Jamie and Nuala Gardner have a son called Dale. Nobody really seems to understand what Dale's problem is, so Mum ( Nuala ) goes on a mission to help her son and find a diagnosis.

After a long and heart wrenching battle Dale is diagnosed with Autism. But the diagnosis is only the beginning for this woman's battle. After a few years "Henry" the Golden Retriever enters the scene and wins the heart of the family including Dale's.

This is a story of a mothers battle to improve the quality of life for her son, taking on anyone who stands in her way. Both my wife and I found this book very moving and were filled with admiration for Nuala who unflichingly believed in her son. While the book does tell the story of how Henry helped Dale and has inspired us to get a dog for our autistic son - it is just as much the tale of one very determined mother.

A must read for anyone considering a service dog for a "special needs" child. An excellent story well told. A TV programme based on the story called "After Thomas" is also available.
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amanda NC
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Postby amanda NC » Thu Oct 23, 2008 8:13 pm

My husband insisted we get a dog for our son about 4 years ago. I thought there was no way I could add that into our insane lives, but was too tired to protest. God provided a perfect dog--he had one--really, only ONE--accident in the house, never barks, is fairly low energy and very low maintenance. And what a blessing for our son. My son's coordination 4 years ago was such that he could only very roughly pat the dog on the head; more like bopping him on the head, but the dog didn't mind. Just having the dog around during the years of no friends was worth the time and financial investment. Ended up being a good addition to our family, though I never would have believed it at the time.
Amanda, mom of 3

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