It's So Much Work to be Your Friend

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It's So Much Work to be Your Friend

Postby dorybh » Sun May 17, 2009 6:37 am

by Richard Lavoie
Although autism is not specifically mentioned in this book, I found it relates to our kids' situation very well. It aims to help children with learning disabilities find social success both at school and within the community. Mr. Lavoie does a wonderful job of painting a picture of a child with social deficits. He also gives specific examples in different situations of how these deficits affect not only the child, but those around the child. It definitely helped me understand my Aspie a little better. I recognized things in the book that I hadn't realized before regarding my boy's inability to focus, plan and execute certain activities.
My only criticism is that not enough solutions to each situation are given. I wish he had spent more time on the "what do I do about it?" part.

There is also a companion DVD to this book which is excellent.
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