"Alex the Boy: Episodes From a Family's Life With Autism"

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"Alex the Boy: Episodes From a Family's Life With Autism"

Postby jeffslife » Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:31 pm

“Would he still have his sandals on, or would he have taken them off and left them while he strolled on and on? Would people look at him curiously, try to offer him help, ask his name, then give up when he didn't answer? Would anyone try to take him? Would he go? Such a stranger wouldn't have much chance of enticing Alex anyway unless he also had Saltines and happened to be wearing an Elmo suit.” – from the chapter “Danger” in Alex the Boy

My name is Jeff Stimpson, and my first book was Alex: The Fathering of a Preemie. I’ve brought out a second book that draws on my experiences as the father of Alex, a former 21-ounce preemie who spent his first year in the hospital and who is now 10 and diagnosed autistic.

Alex the Boy: Episodes From a Family’s Life With Autism offers a glimpse into the feelings, frustrations, and hopes that come with living with this condition. It is a sequel to Preemie.

Eating, sleeping, school, public behavior, and other topics are covered, with journal entries broken out by subject. Study questions are included.

Alex the Boy is available at the bookstore of Vervante.com and from Amazon for $16.95 plus shipping.


Jeff Stimpson

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