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Sammy's Gold Stars book reivew

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2011 4:02 pm
by benes
My child is autistic and we have seen a huge improvement with behavior using the GFCF diet. The book is called Sammy's Gold Stars, I found it on Amazon and then came across the author's website, The problem that we had was getting my son to understand why he has to do the diet. I came across this children's book that explained the diet to my son. The book was such a hit with him that he wanted to bring it to school so that his teacher could read it to his fellow classmates. It ended up being a great learning process for all the kids, they never understood why he couldn't eat the same foods during the class parties. The ended up having a GFCF party just for him, that way everyone could taste what he was eating. Cheers!