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Changed By A Child by Barbara Gill

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:04 pm
by Dani
Changed By A Child: Companion Notes For Parents Of A Child With a Disability ... 641&sr=8-1

This is a book aimed at all parents of children with special needs, not just those parents who have children with autism spectrum disorder.

It described the inner needs and the range of issues that parents face.

I found this book at a used book sale. It's inspirational. I wish I had come across it sooner. It's filled with advice, passages, quotes, stories fro other special needs parents - people who have been there, people who understand the isolation and the challenges that come with raising a special needs child. All too often we get well-meaning but useless advice from the parents of healthy, typical children. This book provides advice that is applicable and uplifting. When you feel down, I guarantee you can turn to any single page in this book and feel better. It's like a portable anti-depressant.