Answering Autism From A-Z-New Book Release-Karen J Crystal

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Answering Autism From A-Z-New Book Release-Karen J Crystal

Postby Craig T » Fri Feb 17, 2012 1:22 pm


The most compelling and powerful impact that this book provides, is the ability to bring your child from non-verbal to verbal, following the A-Z format. Karen has worked the educational system to bring her son Gabriel from a grade 2 reading level in the 7th grade, to a 10th grade reading level in grade 10. Gabriel is currently a straight A honor student in regular educational classes.

Answering Autism From A-Z is creatively written and offers useful, instructive information and a wealth of firsthand knowledge to assist parents to overcome their fears and challenges of raising a child with autism. It was written from a position of authority; as a mother of a child with Autism, I have “been there, done that” in terms of everything that is in the book. Answering Autism From A-Z walks the reader through the challenging processes of dealing with educators, doctors, and government agencies with the compassion, humor, and insight that only comes from firsthand experience. It gives the reader a better understanding of ‘A’ – Advocating for the person with Autism all the way through ‘Z’ – Zoning in on one’s strengths. If your readers are looking for help, hope, and encouragement for their lives as well as the lives of their children, Answering Autism From A-Z is their answer!

There are several major differences between Answering Autism From A-Z and other books that are available on the subject. People will redefine their lives after reading; readers will be given the necessary tools to educate the educators with confidence; and anyone can make a difference from any walk of life! It contains unique stories with cumulative impact, well-organized facts, a straightforward writing style, simple advice that is easy to comprehend and incorporate into any lifestyle, and it is written in size 14 Font for easy reading. It also contains my promise to the reader, through a strong, positive voice that rings out, “your life will be enhanced and reinvented from the very first chapter!”

Here is the link to a recent interview with Roger Painchaud with Biddeford Public Access TV ( ).
Karen J Crystal

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