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Autism and Understanding

Postby walter » Tue Apr 17, 2012 3:48 am

My name is Walter Solomon and I am the author of a new book Autism and Understanding: The Waldon Approach to Child Development to be published May 2012 by SAGE Publications

The book is based on the story of my son Robert, diagnosed at two with autism and as 'basically sub-normal' with the triad of impairments. He is now a successful professional living in America with a wife and child. The title sets out an approach based on Dr. Geoffrey Waldon's philosophy of the development of understanding, which centers on helping children learn how to learn. It offers an introduction to Geoffrey Waldon's theory and working methods, as well as testimony from parents and teachers, covering autism and a range of learning difficulties.

I am passionate about helping autistic children develop their understanding and believe that with just one hour a day of a Waldon Lesson, usually given by a parent, many can take their place as contributing members of society. I should however emphasize that this is not a quick fix and in my son’s case took many years of patient work.

Please take a look at my website or my Facebook page I look forward to hearing your comments and to answering your questions.
Best wishes

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