New Book on Autism, Triplets and Parenting

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New Book on Autism, Triplets and Parenting

Postby JamesPotvin » Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:06 am

Hello. I just wanted to tell you about a new book relating to autism, triplets and parenting. "Autism Triplet Twist" is a non-fiction collection of short stories of real triplets affected by autism. The title came from having triplets. Autism is more common in boys, but two of our girls have autism. The oldest daughter and the youngest daughter have autism. The daughter in the middle is totally normal. One of the twists is how can the middle daughter be normal when her oldest and youngest sister have autism? These true stories give parents hope they can learn how to deal with triplets with autism. Here are a few things you will learn from this book:

 How to deal with the surprise of having triplets
 How to set up a simple care schedule for triplets
 How to get a correct autism diagnosis
 Why you need to pay attention in parenting classes
 What to do if your child with autism escapes

And more. Learn from parents with experience. Grab your copy of Autism Triplet Twist today!

PS: Please review so others can see what they are missing.

About the Author: Autism Triplet Twist is a non-fiction book by James E. Potvin. James is the father of triplet daughters, two of which have autism. He lives in Michigan with his wife and triplet daughters. James wrote this book because he has been told by friends, family and strangers that he should write a book about his experiences with the triplets. This is that book!
James Potvin
Author of "Autism Triplet Twist"

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