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The RDI Book

Postby lenoratell » Thu Jan 30, 2014 12:39 pm

"In a highly readable, carefully detailed manner, The RDI Book chronicles the integration of cutting-edge theory and powerful clinical tools resulting in a program that has provided new hope to thousands of families with an ASD child. Dr. Gutstein describes the process in which parents are empowered and carefully trained by skilled professional consultants, to guide the cognitive, social and emotional development of their children......"
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Review from parent

Part I of the book is the best explanation of Autism, and the ASD brain, that I have ever read. Dr. Gutstein's information about the brain, dynamic thinking (versus static thinking), and the dynamic brain (versus the rigid, non-integrated brain) is clear and thorough. He goes on to explain, in readable details, where these natural developmental brain functions break down in the ASD brain. And most important, as the parent of two children with ASD, I loved Dr Gutstein's description of the parent-child relationship and it's effect on child development. Dr Gutstein goes on to speak of the importance of re-establishing that natural, guiding relationship with ASD children. Dr. Gutstein's passion for individuals with ASD and their families is unmistakable in this book.

Part II of the book explains the RDI Protocol. Dr Gutstein speaks of the parent and child curricula, the importance of targeted remediation of the core deficits of ASD, and most importantly, he supports each stage with a chapter. The individual chapters offer a detailed description of what families can expect with their RDI Program. The details about each program stage in this book give families the information that they need to decide if RDI is the right ASD intervention protocol for their family and their child.

As this book so clearly explains, RDI is about changing relationships - changing the parent-child relationship, and changing the relationship that the ASD child has with the real world. As a parent, there is nothing more important than that. This book is able to give a clear and precise explanation of how RDI works and what RDI can offer a family affected by ASD. This is a great book, about Autism and RDI.

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