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Adrian & Super-A Life Skills Learning Books by J Jensen

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 7:51 am
by Jessica
Adrian & Super-A Life Skills Learning Books & Workbooks
Jessica Jensen turns a simple Sunday of baking and washing hands into adorable life lessons with a superhero that every child can identify with. The books can be adjusted to your child's age and abilities. Raily the Trian will keep track of the pictograms and tasks at hand. And two psychologically creative characters will help your child understand the world around them better - let your child meet the impulsive Little Miss Trigger and the clever Thummie the Thumb.

Social Stories & Life Lessons in the first Adrian and Super-A Book
•What is it like to wait for someone else (sibling's perspective)?
•Who says we need to ask for Mom's permission?
•Why not start up two things at once?
•Why use soap ... and how much?
•Can we really feel differently about the same thing?
•How do we work together, wash hands, bake?
•And when do we sit still ...?

By author Jessica Jensen
•The Adrian and Super-A Life Skills Learning Books - 48 illustrated pages with pictograms and educational material.
•The upcoming Life Skills Workbooks for Kids with Autism & ADHD.

"I absolutely love your book idea! Thank you for writing for children with autism and ADHD." -- aunt of autistic nephew

"This book is SUPER-Great!" -- 9-year-old autistic girl

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