Just A Little Prick - Hilary Butler

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Just A Little Prick - Hilary Butler

Postby rlneub » Sun Jun 25, 2006 9:22 am

Just A Little Prick
Hilary Butler
Printed In New Zealand

It is the best book I have read to date on Vaccines, the reaction of vaccines, the forced vaccination programs, attibuting adverse reactions to something other than the vaccine, doctors who worked in the vaccine program and were released should they ever bring up anything against a vaccine, SIDS, and the role of sanitation, clean water, and the role of vitamins and minerals in the lowering the incidence and mortality of disease. I am duly impressed. 487 Pages.

It is not an Autism book but as you read how the various vaccination programs and related rise in incidence of auto immune and neurological issues that accompany the change in vaccine schedule.....

Footnotes,sources and medical articles all cross referenced. A LOT of documentation to look up.

In my opinion, it makes me as dumstruck as EOH did. It is written in a style similar to EOH in that it chronicles the authors journey into how vaccines affected her and her family and then as she researched and started speaking out, how other parents, doctors, and scientists would keep pointing out that vaccines are not as safe as the public is led to believe.

As of this point in time, the only way I know to order it is from the author herself. Go to http://www.mothering.com/discussions/fo ... y.php?f=47 and PM her. She uses the screen name of Momtezuma Tuatara at the time I ordered it, it was about $27 US for the shipping and a donation for the book. WELL WORTH A GOOD DONATION :!:

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