Independence Bound by Jacquelyn Altman Marquette

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Independence Bound by Jacquelyn Altman Marquette

Postby gtto » Fri Jul 07, 2006 7:42 am

Full title: Independence Bound: A Mother and Her Autistic Son's Journey to Adulthood

I don't actually like the tone of this book much at all, at least when it comes to descriptions of the author's son. A lot of the descriptions had me doing double-takes, as in, "Wait... :shock: she actually says that about her own son?"

The reason I often recommend the book to parents, though, is that it describes how a mother helped her autistic son set up an adult life that includes a job, his own place to live, and the assistance he needs at that place. And her son has little to no verbal communication and is not considered particularly "high functioning". Quite often, there's an assumption that nobody like him could live on their own or hold a job, and this book is one way of making it clear that's not true and showing how it can be done.

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