Autistic Children by Lorna Wing MD

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Autistic Children by Lorna Wing MD

Postby williams_dad » Fri Jul 07, 2006 7:11 pm

Autistic Children : A Guide for Parents
by Lorna Wing MD, MRC Psych
First Pub 1971 Constable
ISBN 0094631107

This book is divided into two sections
Part I : Description of autistic children
Part II : Education and Management

The copy of the book I am reviewing is the 2nd edition and published in 1986.

The first part looks at the bahaviour of autistic children and gives an overall view of the behaviours and difficulties of autistic children eg Response to sound, Difficulties with speech and understanding gestures, withdrawl, fears, social interaction and so the list goes on.

The second part looks at education of autistic children.
Topics covered are Toilet training, Tantrums, Games, Toys, Fears....

Overall I found the book difficult to wade through even though the content was interesting and helpful and in the end skimmed through a lot of it. Some of the information is dated although the first half describing autism was helpful. I felt that the book could be divided into two books. I got this book from the library and while it was interesting, insightful and in some places helpful - I don't think I could recommend anyone actually buy it ( at least the edition I read ) but if you spot it in your local library then maybe you might want to get it.


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