Could It Be Autism?

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Could It Be Autism?

Postby merry » Sun Jul 16, 2006 12:54 am

Written by Nancy D. Wiseman-founder and president of First Signs, Inc.

This book is very user friendly and easy to read. Nancy is the mother of Sarah age 9 with autism.

There are four sections-
1. Developmental milestones
2. Early detection
3. Parents make a difference

Section 2
1. Screening
2. Diagnosis

Section 3
1. Learn, connect, cope
2.Choosing treatments

Section 4
1. Success is personal
2. Parents as advocates

I really liked this book because it gave information from other parents and it also had several personal stories of diagnosis, treatment and outcomes. It also gives very candid information on all the currently available treatment choices. The author also talks about everything she went through with her daughter.

It was written in 2006. Her company is at
It is in Merrimac, MA

Enjoy! Merry
Merry mom to A-14 yo boy with autism and type 1 diabetes

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