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Mad House

Postby MCA » Tue Aug 01, 2006 1:08 pm

This book deals with schizophrenia, not autism, and I read it before autism even entered my life. My older brother has a schizophrenia diagnosis but I actually believe aspergers/autism is a better fit. Anyhoo...

This book talks about life as a sibling of someone with a mental illness, and it was so validating and educational for me. I found it when I was cleaning out some drawers the other day and plan to reread it as soon as I get some time. My guess is that I will find it applicable to being a sibling of someone with autism as well in some ways.

If you have other children, and you are wondering how a sibling with major special needs may affect them, this is an excellent read.

Again, this book targets schizophrenia/mental illness, but there are most definitely similarities. It's a fascinating and easy book to read.

And yes, I know autism is not mental illness. It's still a great and relevant book for parents of ASD kids who also have NT kids they want to make sure come out OK with everything, too.

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