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Brain Foods Brain Poisons

Postby williams_dad » Sun Nov 19, 2006 7:19 am

Brain Foods, Brain Poisons :
Autism as a case in point
Dr Igor Trabrizian
NRs Publications Education Series
ISBN 0 975 692 062
RRP $ 25 ( Aus )

This book takes a DOM ( Diagnostic Orthomolecular Medicine ) apprach to treating autism using vitamins and minerals. It is very informative regarding digestion and detoxification. There are plenty of graphics to illustrate some of the more complicated principles and in my opinion they do the job very well.

Topics covered are :-
The role of Zinc in digestion
Molybdenum versus Copper
The roles of Glutathione and Metallothionine
Vitamin B12

DOM is essentially what Linus Pauling started and many useful articles can be obtained from the Linus Pauling Institute website.
Dr Igor Trabrizian practices in Perth Western Austrlia and here is his website.


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