SCD Cookbook: Eat Well Feel Well

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SCD Cookbook: Eat Well Feel Well

Postby mmesmama » Sat Jan 13, 2007 4:13 pm

*Not sure if it's ok to review a cookbook here, if it needs to be moved to the diet/biomed. forum please feel free to do so*

Eat Well Feel Well
Kendall Conrad
SCD Compatible recipes

I just received this cookbook last week and I'm so thrilled. This cookbook totally satisfy's the foodie in me. It has beautiful companion photos to some of the recipes, and so far everything I have made is delicious. So if you are into foods like Fresh Spring Rolls with Spicy Chile dipping sauce, Pecan Waffles w/Cinnamon Honey & Sauteed Bananas, & Asian Skewered Peanut Chicken Thighs w/Asparagus - Then this cookbook is for you! It even has a small kids foods section.

I have read some concern on another forum about the "legality" of some of the foods she uses in this cookbook (a few purchased broths, and canned artichokes) so if you are following SCD with "fanatical adherence" you may want to double check some of these recipes with the pros or use your own homemade broths as substitutes.

Enjoy Cooking! :)
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